Your KEY to success  helps you to unlock the full potential of your business
 gives good value for the fees you pay
 contributes to your business's good reputation
 will promote your business
 is honourable
 has the ability and capacity to benefit your business
 will respect your business and your people
 is within 1 hours travelling time
 though busy, will fulfil the projects you agree to
 has a record of success
 speaks your language and shares your sense of humour
 wants to work for and with you
 understands precisely what you want to achieve

Have you a similar check list to help you identify your ideal customers?

Of course your actual consultant, or client, won't necessarily match up to every characteristic on your check list. But assessing potential new consultants and customers against your list helps to highlight possible problem areas. Some will hold greater consequences than others if they turn out wrong. All will differ from case to case. In general, only take on a consultant who is ideal. If you must take on a customer who is less than ideal, at least you are alerted and can put in place contingency plans to limit the damage should your worst fears be realised.